Bolton Mansion Main Building

  The Mansion itself has a long history going back   to the time of William Penn. The original house is

   the back area where we hold hearth cooking.  Please read the entire background in the

   "History" section. The front areas were added on as the families developed "Bolton Farms". Some  

   of the building was added as recently as the 1950's.  Restoration has been an ongoing  
   process. The main floor is coming along. The basement and upper floors are not completed as
   you will be able to tell from the photos.  The Friends of Bolton Mansion have been working to
   complete the main floor before getting started on the other floors.

 Tenant House

 This large, 'back building' needs major restoration. 

  As you can see from the photos the interior is used 

  primarily for storage.   At the "Holiday House" we 

  have had train displays and Santa Claus here. In the

  warm weather we have had outdoor concerts by the

  Tenant House.


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Historic BoltonMansion

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