Historic BoltonMansion

Bolton Mansion Reservation Dates

Rentals at the Mansion

The inside of Bolton Mansion will not be available for rentals, parties, etc for 2019 due to renovations/restorations.

We are only honoring rentals that were previously scheduled for 2019.

Mother's Day Tea, Paranormal events and Cooking Programs will take place inside as they will not be affected by the renovations.

The grounds/property will be available for rental for 2019. ​


  During the winter the Mansion is closed.

  Bolton Mansion is available for tours and rentals. 

  Rooms and the Mansion are available for rent,

but not limited to, meetings,

   celebrations, birthday parties, showers  and weddings.

  Fees are determined by the number of  rooms required and

the length of time of the rental.

   If you are interested in renting Bolton  

   Mansion please click here Contact Us.