The following is a paraphrase of a story told to me about the Mansion...

  My friends and I used to come into the Mansion and set up a table in the center hall.      We enjoyed playing cards in the old house but we also did some things that I am not 

  proud of so I don't want to give my name.  We were playing cards one evening and I 

  was sitting with my back to the staircase going to the second floor.  While we were   

  playing I realized that my three friends all of sudden were very quiet. I looked up at   

  them and they were all wide eyed and looking up the stairs. I turned around and saw

  a man in a military uniform standing there on the first landing. I screamed and we all    ran out of the house. We didn't know what it was but we didn't go back for a long   


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Supernatural Events/Experiences

 I absolutely had some very intense experiences while living in the mansion. Examples:  

  pictures flying off walls, heavy "boot" footsteps on the main floor even when motion detector 

  alarm was on, a garland floating in air for several seconds before being thrown at me and

  my mother from a mantle, several heavy, old windows going up and down on their own,

  "sleep paralysis" situations where I was actually dragged off of the bed by my ankles, had

  hands holding me down, and saw a man cowering in the corner and voice of a little girl trying

  to help me. Along with daily shadows, cold spots, and voices. Once there was a ball of light

  while I was looking out the window come straight from the sky and disappeared as it entered

  the window. At the time, I thought maybe a ball lightening? The strangest part is how the

  mansion is still something I consider home. Borderline obsessively. Even though I now live

  in Florida, every time I visit PA, I go there.  It will always be home to me. Even more than my

  childhood home. I don't tell many people my stories, because I don't expect them to believe

  me (I might not). But, I want to get the word out. I feel that the spirits still have a little hold of

  me (the good ones). The bad man spirit, who I was able to chase away from coming to my

  apartment in the mansion, is a coward who preys on the young and those who are under the

  influence or not of a strong mind. The children and the woman are truly good souls I believe.

Historic Bolton Mansion



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