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Historic BoltonMansion

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    "It was beautiful." Margaret M.

   "I thought everything was great.  I hope to come next time."  Edna W.

   "Thank you.  It was wonderful.  I loved the different teas, sandwiches, 

   desserts and cozy atmosphere."   Karen B.

   "The Friends of Bolton I believe was first started by a small group of  

   neighbors hoping to secure an abandoned building and preserve

   history. The grandparents I spoke to Becky about was actually my

   mother's parents. They did not start the group but were active in the

   fundraising and helped support my parents. My father joined the group

   as a result of my mother walking me to kindergarten school at George

   Washington Elementary and having to walk past the mansion on our way

   to school. At that time it was very run down and I remember them saying 

   there would be kids hanging out throwing rocks so it caused my parents

   to want to take an active part in securing the mansion thus making it a

   safer place while preserving history and adding a positive influence to the

   He {Jim} always loved history and enjoyed helping out his community.

   The pictures I spoke of are in the albums that I have given the group. My

   parents first got involved when I was 5 so I have many memories of

   dressing up as a colonial child and helping... probably for 17+ years until I

   moved away after getting married. There were many fairs, fall and

   summer, flea markets, peach festivals, haunted houses, and Christmas

   houses as well as many clean up sessions.
   My grandfather, on my mother's side, was the first Santa Clause at the

   Christmas house. My grandmother on my mother's side was the first to

   bake in the bee hive oven with Betty Lightcap.
   They would bake bread, shoe fly pie and she was the first Mrs Santa.

   She handed out the Gingerbread baked in the oven at the Christmas

   house. My Grandmother also was involved with a group of ladies that

   would gather to make crafts each week for the Christmas house along

   with Mrs. Stofko.
   As you can see it was very much a family affair.
   He {Jim} just loved doing it and I think he was always the one you could

   depend on to be there. When it was first run down he and a neighbor, Mr.

   Umek, would have to sleep at the mansion some nights to scare off the

   vandals.  There were many times he would have to go down at all times

   of night to make sure the building was safe and secure. He really devoted

   his life to this and it was 40 years of blood and sweat for him.

   As you can see from the past pictures it has come a long ways.  I

   remember what it was and am very proud of how much has been

   accomplished. My father was never one to give up on a task, believed in

   hard work and would always be there when asked. He loved history and I

   think loved the interaction with others who loved history. He truly believed

   that it was important to save Bolton Mansion for others to be able to

   benefit in the history it offered."
                   Debbie Wardickh (daughter of Jim Snow)

   "On January 13th, Jim Snow, director of The Friends of Bolton Mansion,

   passed away in his home. He was 74 years old."
   I knew Jim well. I volunteered with the Friends. He even accepted me to

   be a tenant in the mansion during my first year of college. He was the

   only person who put their trust in me at 18 years old!

   He taught me about civic duty. About being part of something larger than

   myself. He was such an amazing man.
   Now that Jim is gone, I know that Bolton Mansion needs support more

   than ever. Jim's mission and dream was to have Bolton Mansion fully

   restored, as a museum, like Penn Manor. And I want to help make Jim's

   dream a reality.
   Please donate as much as you can. If Bolton Mansion played any part of

   your life story, help pass that along to future generations. If you are proud

   of Levittown, you should support this cause. If you care about preserving

   history, you can help.
    If you live in Levittown still, go and volunteer. You will meet the greatest


                                        Amanda Carden Lipa